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Mission Statement

Our mission is to respectfully and courteously deliver excellence in public service while providing timely, accurate and equitable assessments in accordance with Iowa law. Guided by principals of honesty and fairness, we partner with Van Buren County property owners to achieve a greater understanding of the appraisal process.

Important News


  • Planning new construction or a remodel project? Always check county FEMA maps to confirm that your project is not in the flood plain. If the property is within the 100 year flood zone, a permit must be obtained with DNR approval before beginning construction. Failure to do this may result in fines and may cause the county to lose flood insurance eligibility. There is a digitized flood zone layer and FIRM Panel # layer now selectable within the GIS Maps tab or through an individual parcel search. You may also view county maps in the Van Buren County Assessor's Office or city maps at your City Hall.
  • Sign up for a tax abatement to lower your taxable value for the number of years specified in your city/county revitalization plan. Those within city limits must apply with their City Hall for approval, and those in the township must attain an application from the Assessor's Office to submit for approval by the County Superviors. The deadline is February 1 of the year in which the exemption is first claimed.
  • Contact the County Sanitarian for septic permits or inspctions before beginning your construction or remodel project.
  • Sign up for the Homestead Tax Credit, Military Exemption or Disabled Veteran Homestead Credit in the Assessor's Office. The deadline is July 1 of the assessment year in which the exemption is first claimed.  Owners of Commercial and Industrial properties can also sign up for a Business Property Tax Credit. 
  • Report all building changes to the County Assessor's Office.
  • A link has been added within our real estate search which allows you to access the Treasurer's tax system data on a given parcel. 

To learn more about the assessment and valuation process, credits and exemptions, visit the Iowa State Association of Assessors website by clicking here: ISAA Website.